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Looking for Cub instruction Northern VA


New Member
Mar 13, 2011
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Hi I am looking to get a tailwheel sign-off in a Piper Cub. I have barely flown a tailwheel. I am a commercial pilot who has only recently been bitten by the GA bug. Approximately how many hours instruction are needed? I am based in Lessburg VA.

Any info greatly appreciated.


huston marlowe

Well-Known Member
Apr 10, 2005
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I guess the first thing to try is to find dual instruction in a J3 near you. That would answer all your questions about Cubs and tailwheel. Next best might be dual in a Citabria. If that works out you might have to buy a J3 and then find a CFI with J3 time willing to teach you. Search this site, internet ads, and Cub Clues for J3 CFIs near you. I'm guessing here, but maybe a tailwheel CFI riding through a landing with you on a gusty day in a C-172 might know how many hours you would need for the conventional gear endorsement ?