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Looking for an L-4

Crew Chief

Well-Known Member
Aug 17, 2010
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Turnersville, TX
I gave up on looking for a PA-11. Due to having OD green in my veins, I would prefer an L-4 that has not had a recent restoration. I probably can't afford one that is newly restored. Let me know if anyone knows of one tucked away. I would prefer one located in Texas but would consider going to look at one in the surrounding states or anywhere else that might be convenient.


Tim Harter

Well-Known Member
Feb 12, 2011
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Are you still looking for an L-4?

I am going to be selling some projects for a widow of a friend of mine. I think one is an L-4. I looked at it once and it has square looking rear window frames and the two little posts by the slide window on the left. I think they were for a level or something. The weather has been terrible here so she hasn't left her house for a week. Once the ice melts she is going to go to her other house to look for all the paper work on her all her cubs. I will take a few pics next time I go over there. The fuselag, gear, and wings are sitting next to each other and there are tail feathers near by. I don't know about an engine. If you or someone else is interested let me know. I will probably go over there next week, hopfully she finds the paperwork on it, if it has some.

[email protected]


Active Member
Feb 13, 2011
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Hi Tim,

New member here...I am looking for a cub project too. However, I'm not picky as to whether it is an L4 or J3. Just looking for a relatively complete airframe "basketcase" type of project. Please let me know what is available when you look at your friend's projects!


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