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Goodyear brakes, hints and tips to use them till they don't work and then some


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Jun 2, 2005
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Folks, I'm pretty familier with the Goodyear brakes most of us have. I've been able to collect a few used spares but at the price of them I don't want to use the part till I absolutely have to.

Now you must know I don't have to use the brakes at all though it is nice to have something for an emergency stop. It's also nice to be able to tap them to breakout the tailwheel for a tight swivel. And sometimes it's just nice to have them to stop the plane a little shorter than coasting.

After 4.5 hours of flying yesterday I decided I might need to touch up the braking power just a bit. I first filled the master cylinders full, even pulling back on the pedal to get that last drip in. That was enough for the left brake but the right needed just a bit more breaking power. So for the first time every I had to pressurize the system a bit by filling from the bottom with a pump. The break is a bit better but still not quite there.

But before I put in more pressure I wanted to ask. Is there such a thing as to much preloaded pressure in the system? Thinking about the design of the pads I can't think of anything that would stop them from expanding over the bladder. In other words a point where the pads just get to thin to work. Is there any limit to pad travel?

Any other tips or tricks to get the most out of the Goodyear parts I'm running before I replace them with less worn parts?



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