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Goodyear 25x11x4 tires


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Feb 25, 2007
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I borrowed a set to test on the J-3 and mounted them this morning. Only had time to go around the patch twice. Will go again this evening.

Some of my first impressions:

1) they look nice. Deck angle on the ground is noticably greater.
2) handling is perceptibly different, but not significantly so.
3) cruise seems to be maybe 2 mph slower
4) sink rate is perceptibly greater and glide angle is steeper
5) speed bleeds off quicker during the flare. I like that.
6) the wheels take a moment to spin up, and the plane wants to yaw a bit toward the wheel that is on the ground while this is happening (no big deal)
7) the brakes will just barely hold during max static check
8) the takeoff roll doesn't seem to be shortened. Perhaps due to the extra weight of the tires, perhaps due to the really gusty crosswind this morning. I look forward to Rick trying that -- he's a lot lighter than me. Takeoff roll today was probably on the loose order of 120 to 130 feet or thereabouts.
9) The plane takes a moment longer to climb out of ground effect
10) the angle of climb is flatter.

All in all, I find the tires interesting and fun.

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