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Forcing us to remove original brake system


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Feb 25, 2007
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Copied from the SuperCub forum..........
We need to head this off at the pass.
Anybody know more about it?


On the AOPA forum, a member who said the owner of a Spartan Executive that recently got damaged from failure of it's old, obsolete brake system "deserved what he got" for not upgrading to modern brakes. Today he posted this:
I spent much of the day E-mailing FSDO and several inspectors I know and trust, In light of this accident I have requested that an emergency AD be issued to remove all Bendix/Goodyear free rotor brakes from ALL aircraft now in service.

I know I'm going to catch a lot of crap for that, But I believe that there is no, or very few A&P-IAs that have the inspection requirements to return to service for any of these old brake systems, the manuals just don't exist any more, (yes I know there is probably 1 or 2 out there) So if the A&P-IAs don't have the manuals how does the owner /pilot know what is safe and what is not.

An AD will stop the word of mouth dissemination of the proper information to determination of airworthiness of these brakes, in short, get them off all aircraft before some one gets killed for not knowing what is considered to be worn out and dangerious.

I will apologize to Kent, Sandy, and Wiljam for getting over inthusiastic in calling them dumb****ts, and saying they derserved what they got. because in the long run, they were victoms of circumstance by not having the proper information avalible to them, this AD will give them what they deserve "proper information to say it is safe for flight"

folks I contacted today
Mike Buch (Avweb) his term was "problematic"
Denny Pollard (Okland FSDO) he also agrees the brake need to be gone.
My FSDO they also agree the AD should be written.


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