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For Sale 1940 J3 Cub all original day 1 logs restored 1989


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Apr 28, 2009
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Here is a chance for someone to buy a very nice flying Piper J3 Cub that is all original day 1 log books, original instruments and all parts are original. Old style struts as they fly fine for me. New tires metal prop A65 and I figure its mid time but have no real idea as I never kept track of any time when flying it. If your looking for a 747 please call Trade A Plane. I restored it in 1989 and it was a beauty then but now about a 6. I would not be afraid to fly it anywhere in the country but due to recent surgeries and another 9 to come am not going to be flying anything anymore. I am done kaput and over with the flying days. This Cub is being sold as is where is and no tire kickers or haglers or pain in the butters. For $24,000.00 you can own a Cub that would cost you that much to buy a project and with the ceconite on it good for another 20 years if you treat it right. Been well maintained but the last 2 years I have only put about 20 hrs on it. Needs a weekend of cleaning up and you have yourself a great Cub you do not have to worry about scratching the glossy paint on it. I have some pictures somewhere and will try and find some but I can make any Cub look good in pictures. Small skylight, original wood spar wings, the ones it came with. Never been wrecked. Bill Piper signed the paperwork himself and walter some of the rest. You can reach my cell at 302-236-9343 home is 302-226-2634 till 8:30 PM or weekdays 302-227-1281 ext 250 My partner and near Son is moving to Washington State so no need to keep it anymore. Located at 0N6 Laurel Delaware David O Henderson [email protected]