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Dave's Floatplane

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David Johnson

Premium Member
Apr 25, 2006
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Last week a couple people were whining about the lack of posts on this site. Well I have a story. It's not much of a story but it's mine. I will have to do this in installments a little each day.

My wife and I have part of a cottage on Diamond Lake near Cable Wisconsin. That's about an hour Cub time SE of Duluth. It's been in her family since 1929 when her great grandfather had it built. It would have been nice if he had not built it on the center of the lot line. But that was for this generation to sort out. It is in a trust now but is treated like a family time share. For our share of the taxes and insurance plus a lot of sweat we get to use it for pretty much as much as we want. The first time I saw the cottage twelve years ago,I knew that I would have a floatplane there some day. The last twelve vacations there have been spent renovating and remodeling. This is what I do for a living. Some vacation. This year was finally different. My Cub on Edo 1320's was beached in front of the cottage. This was no small feat considering we live in North Carolina.

I got my float rating 30 yrs ago in Boulder Junction WI in a Cherokee 180 on Edo2000. Thats right a Cherokee on floats. There were not many of them built. I always wanted a floatplane but things got in the way. Things like a place on the water to keep it, small hotrod biplanes, job changes, kids, well pretty much life in general.

Three years ago the money sponges were getting old enough to leave the nest and I would have an aviation budget again. There had been a long dry spell of 10yrs of no flying. I used to work with Webmaster Will flying Jetstreams, Metros and Shorts. When AMR closed the hub in RDU I chose to go back pounding nails for a living. Moving the family to JFK or MIA was not appealing.

So the search for a plane started. More later.


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