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Cub Ownership

Cub Rookie

Apr 16, 2007
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This week I experienced one of the upsides of being a newbee Cub owner. I received an unexpected call from a gentleman in MS one evening and his story went something like this ....
You don't know me but I know your airplane. Apparently he was doing some research on his late father's flying history and found that his dad had flown my airplane. Not only had he flown it, but he logged his very first hour of instruction in it and soloed in it as well. This man has since offered to send pages from his dad's logbooks to show the N-number and history of hours flown. He thought that he had a B&W photo taken in 1945 with his dad sitting in the plane along with his instructor but it turned out to be one of the other Cubs used at the same location. He thinks that there may still be a photo somewhere of my plane. Wouldn't that be something! The gentleman and his brothers have also expressed interest in coming to see the airplane for themselves.

With a sixty year old airplane, you often have to wonder what stories could be told and how many individual lives have been changed by one simple little airplane. And best of all, to this day the Cub is still making history ... prior to my purchasing the airplane the previous owner taught his teenage son to fly in it. I can only hope that I can have some affect by giving that first airplane ride or maybe teaching someone to fly ... or if nothing else, to just maintain the Cub and pass it along to another caring owner who can continue the legacy.


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