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Continental A65-8 Parts For Sale


New Member
Aug 3, 2011
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Greetings, I am helping out an elderly relative (not computer savvy) who has a large assortment of A65 parts for sale. He is getting on in years and would like to sell off as many or all of these parts if he can. The parts for sale include 2 engine blocks (crankcases?), 5 "O" time cylinders, magneto's and magneto harness, 11 pistons (9 reconditioned), 3 chrome valve covers, 4 oil pump gear and shafts, 9 intake valve guides, 17 push rod housing connectors, 6 push rod housing flanges, 6- 5561 connecting rods, 1- 5315 conn. rod, 5 valve tappet bodies, 10 valve shafts, 1 prop hub, 1 carb. hotbox, 1 rear crankcase cover, 1 oil screen, 1 Piper J3 cowling, upper and lower halves, 2 valves #21359, 4 wrist pins, 1 valve spring set, 7 push rods, 10 valve springs, 14 rocker arms #3550, HF-11, 6,2,3, 3 lg. camshaft gears #3506, 2 #3513 gears for previous, 1 air scoop assy., 3 intake elbows, assorted Victor gasket sets, dipsticks, push rod tubes and clamps. He is also selling 2- 8:50x10 tire rims, 1 8:00x4 Piper tire and rim, 1 reconditioned W670 cylinder plus many other related parts. If anyone is interested or if someone could direct me to another site where I might be able to list these parts, he (we) would GREATLY appreciate it. I also have pictures on request, please contact me at [email protected]. Thanking You in advance.....