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A close call


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Jan 18, 2007
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I just go a call a few minutes ago from a friend at our airport. It started like this. “Man you now how to get them talking at the airport”. I was immediately thinking what did I do this time. I was running the morning through my mind. Then he said it was noting I did, But what almost happened. Lets just say he has my ear now.
Hear is a quick run down of my weekend log.
4/27 DTN to DTN touch and goes .6hr
4/28 DTN to 2L0 Pineville Fly-in 1.4hr
4/28 2L0 to DTN back home 1.8hr
4/29 DTN to ATA Fly-in food .9hr
4/29 ATA to 4F2 $3.00 100LL 1.1hr
4/29 2F2 to DTN not direct 1.4hr
So all in all 7.2 hr of fun flying with my son’s one on Saturday and one on Sunday. On Sunday I called ground let them know who I was, Where I was and were I wanted to go with radar. My hanger is a real close taxi to the active. I will sit a minute and listen to all the traffic to get an idea of what is going on. While I was taxiing to the runway I got my squawk code. After my run-up I called to say I was #1 @ G and 14. My friend was just landing that called me today. After he landed I called and said “good day Kevin” That was about out talk for the day. Tower then called 96D cleared for 14 exit right down wind. Right after that traffic called left base 2 miles. As soon as I was straight and started the throttle forward. The tower then said no hesitation on ground roll. Right then I was thinking 2 miles I have a lot of time, WHY? When I was wheels up and a about 200’ AGL the tower said as calm as he could turn right downwind now. So I rolled a sharp 90 deg and got a big thank you. I then turned my attention to finding the plane on final. About 2 miles from the airport when I went to departure. Departure was trying to contact a Diamond Aircraft. He asked me to relay a message to the Diamond “taxi to parking”. I was sitting there going why is approach/departure having tell someone to taxi to parking???? Were was this guy? Then I went back to flying and talking to my son. Thinking how hungry I was and how good that food will be when I get to ATA.

It was no till I got the call from my friend that it all came together and I was glad I went to church and said my prayers. There was a DUMB A#$S that go a new Diamond and was not familiar with the plane. Did not call the tower and turned in front of the guy on a 2 mile left base. I was told if I had waited any extra time making that right turn it would have been a midair. That dumb guy flew a go around down the middle and did not see me till I turned. I bet he was looking at his glass panel.
I am glad I did not know what was happing. If I would have I would have wanted to talk to the other pilot or clean my shorts. The guys that saw it said it was too close. And to think I talk to that SOB and told him were to park. If I would have know I could have told him a better place to go.
I did have a good time flying with my sons this weekend :)

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