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A-65 In-Flight Engine Restart as Emergency Procedure?

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May 9, 2024
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Hi everyone!

Hypothetical question here for my fellow Cub enthusiast. Let’s say, hypothetically of course, somehow the mags were switched off inadvertently in flight. This could happen a number of ways, ignorant passenger, hand slips raising side window, etc.

Is there a standard procedure to attempt in-flight restart on an A-65 with no electrical?

I would imagine if altitude allowed, you could flip the mags back on and enter a shallow dive at low throttle setting to windmill the prop and restart the engine.

Is this an accurate presumption? I DO NOT plan on doing an in-flight restart EVER! Just curious what the consensus is from my friends here on chances of actually getting engine restarted.

I would think with the low compressions, the prop would windmill fairly easily and restart.

Thanks all!

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