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'46 J3 Salvage on AIG site. "Cub in a Tree"


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Aug 28, 2007
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Aircraft departed Van Sant- that is where I rent a Cub (not this one obviously) It is a safe bet I had seen it around, but I never did hear anyone at the airport talking about the accident.

Accident report states only 2 minor injuries which is good.


On a somewhat related topic- I am new to the site, is there a listing of Cub accidents and lessons learned anywhere on the site- in the hope that we can avoid having to relearn those lessons?


Oct 10, 2007
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It's too bad about that Cub. The pilot was at 1400 ft and decided to fly the river @ 500 ft. Trouble is, when he added throttle, no responce! Carb ice? Throttle linkage? Regardless, didn't make the field. Reminds me of my Dad when he lost power in his Champ and tried to stretch it back to the airport. (with me and my brother in the back seat!) Didn't make it by 150 ft. There are lessons to be learned here. #1 - The plane can be replaced. #2 - Don't forget your basic training: carb heat and throttle the engine occasionally on decent. #3 (maybe it should be #1) Pick a field and stick to it! Glad nobody was seriously hurt in this unfortunate situation, but it just goes to show you the darndness things can happen at any time and you can't afford to lose a second of good judgment when it hits!