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1940 J3F-65 For Sale (Franklin 65HP) (Price Lowered)


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May 26, 2008
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Hey Fellow Cubbers,
It is with great joy and deepest regret that I must put my cub on the market. Ive accepted a transfer in my ATC line of work to Anchorage, AK from Houston, TX. With the cost of living jump that im about to undertake, I am going to have to sell the cub :'(

Here is her stats (roughly as I fly her frequently)

1940 J3F-65, Franklin 4AC-176 65HP, 3300TTAF, 1815TTSNE - Put on in 1946 (569STOH), Mid-80's re-cover (ceconite), new tailwheel (lang), wood prop, wood wings, June 2009 Annual, damage history in 1946 (re-build / new right wing) and in the early 60's (total restoration finished in mid-80's). The fabric has a few slits (patched) and the bathtub area could use a little paint, but overall the fabric is in great shape. The paint is peeling away from the fabric in a few spots but has been stopped by use of dope and silver (See pictures below). Wings were off for transport in May 2008 and airframe / wings checked for corrosion and found none. New Bungees in May 2009. Spare plugs, new skylite glass, and spare tailwheel parts included. Feel free to ask any other questions. I am asking $22,500 and I am accepting offers.


Prior to silver'ing the fabric (taken the winter prior to my purchasing the cub back at home in Finleyville, PA....ski's not included but mounts are still attached for ski wires)

Pictures below from a photographer at the Reklaw Fly-in, October 2008.

[email protected]

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