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1,000's of Cub parts


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Sep 15, 2006
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Here is how to get parts from Cub Crafters: buy them on eBay.

12.4.07 Yakima, WA Today CubCrafters announced that it would begin selling its 27-year collection of used, pre-owned and even ‘new old stock’ Super Cub and similar parts through ebay.

CubCrafters President Todd Simmons commented, “Earlier this year we began preparing to partner with ebay to sell so many Super Cub parts we have acquired over nearly three decades of repairing, restoring and rebuilding Super Cubs. We have simply been storing this growing inventory of parts for years and we are getting more frequent calls than ever asking if we have a particular used part. The truth is we literally have several commercial containers full of parts not to mention that many again stored in various places around the facility. Ultimately, we’ll get listed just about anything and everything that ever went on a Super Cub, e.g. engines and engine components, landing gear, cowlings, instruments, control surfaces, wings and wing tips, tail feathers, wheels, tires, brakes, hardware, and much more.”

Simmons continued, “I know many owners and shops would like to know every part or piece that we will eventually put up for sale, but we’ll ask for patience and frequent visits to ebay to see the most current listings. We are going to do our best to get the most accurate descriptions, detailed photographs and other key descriptive information for each listing. That effort will take some time but our goal is to put several more items up for bid every few days over the coming weeks.”

For nearly every listing, CubCrafters has included “Super Cub PA18” in the item title. For current listings, please visit: www.cubcrafters.com/ebay