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Glenn, I think an occasional day like that is good for us. Keeps us sharp and on our toes so we don't get complacent. Kinda like exercise, not always fun, but needed.

Jim Rice
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I get enough excercise holding the sofa down so it can't escape.

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Rick Rice
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For what it's worth, I wheel land a Stearman in a cross wind on pavement, I'll 3-point it on grass with a cross wind, and I'll 3-point a Cub in a cross wind on grass or pavement. Probably speaks more to my inadequacy as a pilot, but with hundreds of Stearman landings on pavement, it can still be a beast if there's even a hint of drift at touchdown. Cubs on the other hand, even on pavement, are much more tolerant of a tiny little bit of drift on touch down.

The ability to put only one wheel on the ground, while still flying, versus putting all 3 down simultaneously in a full-stalled condition makes it much easier to stay aligned with the runway if the airplane had a little sideways movement at the point of touchdown. Once the wheel is rolling on the pavement, drift is no longer an issue, so from that point on, it's a normal landing.

My point is that different planes and skill levels call for different techniques. My dad ALWAYS 3-pointed a Stearman, without regard to wind. I'm not good enough to do that in a Stearman. I've survived enough bad X-wind 3-point landings in a Stearman to know what to do to reduce the potential for a disaster. In a Cub, because it's an entirely different critter, I'm comfortable leaning the wing down as far as it needs to go to keep it straight, while putting the tailwheel on the ground at the same time as the main wheel. I'm probably no better at stopping all the drift in the Cub than I am in the Stearman, but the Cub is much more forgiving of my mistakes.

Oddly enough, a Pitts, in my opinion, is much easier to land on pavement in a X-wind than a Stearman. Why? Because a Pitts has tremendous aileron authority and it's incredibly responsive, and, it's not nearly as top-heavy as a Stearman. Means the Pitts makes it easier to make almost instantaneous, proportional responses to the wind, versus the Stearman. Because it has a lower center of gravity than a Stearman, a Pitts might be a little bit more tolerant of drift at touchdown than a Stearman, but not by much. If there's much drift at all in a Pitts, on pavement, it's going to be a WILD ride. What works in the Pitts' favor, is that it's SO responsive, it's easier to be confident of touching down in near perfect alignment with the runway, even in 3-point attitude on pavement in a crosswind.

Based @ Wolf River Airport, Rossville, TN. I share a hangar with my brother, Jim Rice, who also has a '46 model J-3.
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